What is the purpose of all this anyway?

And boredom strikes me again, this time, taking ‘virtual me’ to the same lane of thoughts but with mingling and wacky and drunk-like steps drooping here and there squawking around: “Why the hell am I existing?”, “Who must have had just popped the idea of creating me?”, “Why was that idea manifested into such body?”, “Why do humans exist anyway?”….

Then I did what normally every human — post the google and smart phone revolution, does — I typed it in the search window of mighty-the-know-all “google baba”! (Babaji ki jay ho!). There were many posts that tried to sell me their idea of the answer to this question, from different perspectives! First I try to choose which to read and chuck some posts, but then – Boom! – something strikes me! No no, nothing on the screen but something unusual that “I DID”! What you ask? I am talking about the dangerous and rational human’s nightmare – “The Conformation Bias (CB)!” I was taken aback that even while finding the reason for my existence I am having the CB – meaning : ‘the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories’. This means that I wasn’t trying to find out the answer, but was trying to confirm what I already believed!

Confirming to myself that :

  • Darwin was right, but he knew incomplete truth;
  • Religions have the valuable insights but they are too busy competing with other faiths and proving their importance;
  • Philosophers create perfect paradoxes but they spend their lifetime of intellectual abilities on forming arguments and debating;
  • Spirituality takes us closer to the truth but they are satisfied in the blissfulness of ‘the now’ that they don’t go beyond it;
  • Scientists have made religions named as ‘genetics’, ‘quantum mechanics’, ‘differential equations’, ‘pure chemistry’ etc and have walled their perspectives into an infinite loop!

Though the points I have put up above, now make ‘my thinking’ look less affected by conformation bias, but trust me, there is still biasness, just that ‘the thinking’ can be called to have been ‘broadened’. You ask why? : because I chose to ignore the details luring me into their faiths. I chose to believe that everything is true and everything is false at the same time! (not binary but quantum). I had a belief before searching the question and while googling it, I chose to read only that which confirmed my faith.

Well, this is exactly how we do everything… isn’t it? We have stereotypes and biases for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. For every thought! But if conformation bias is always at work, then how do we even evolve? How do new ideas – parallel and eccentric thoughts – sink in us? How do we change at all?

Our mistakes, successes, heartbreaks, euphoric moments, falls, losses, questions, anomalies, calamities make us step out of our conformation bias and help us evolve. This is the very reason, I believe is the purpose of our lives. To surpass our biases. To break through the comfort zones. To rise above the limitations of our mind and challenge to connect to our subconscious mind and the universe.

We as human race are trapped into the CB of the laws that we have created, so finding the purpose of our existence will only provide us the answer in most human language possible. So to know the ‘truth’ we must evolve more (how much more? I dont know that either!). We must exceed our current boundaries first. May be there is no such thing as truth or purpose, or maybe there is, we cannot be firm. We cannot confirm unless we are free from this dimension. So the purpose is to be free. To disband or dissolve the limitations. To step into that uneasy and intimidating zone of questions and trying to answer them.

Looking around for many answers and philosophies, I have come to few conclusions. Not only for the intention of going beyond but also for surviving in the present, we need to live every day, not just exist, but LIVE! I believe that there are two things one must find and differentiate in life to have a clarity and coherance in living, these two are: passion and purpose!

The purpose here means discovering our fulfillment: what you aspire to do for the humanity or for human race?
And passion is exploring to figure out: what gives you the highest bliss or long term satisfaction?

Asking and answering these basic questions in different phases of your life will bring you a proper balance of material, social and emotional happiness along with soulful fulfillment. And though every school of thought has different answer for ‘ultimate purpose of our existence’, there is lucid agreement of all, over the fact that happiness – rather – ‘true happiness’ is indication of a great human life!

So, I can provide with the purpose of my write up here (at least 😉 ) as:
Find and differentiate purpose-‘fulfillment’ and passion-‘blissfulness’ in your life while identifying and going beyond and above the confirmation bias!

With this, I hope that happiness and fascinating questions spot your consciousness too!

Signing off,

P.S. : Your views on this are undoubtedly a necessity to tame my CB! 🙂


When The Mighty Horn Went Off!

Life’s major teachings strike you when you aren’t expecting them! Yes, it happened to me with a sudden realization that my bike’s horn was not blowing anymore! There occurred an instantaneous rush of panic from my left thumb to the brain through network of nerves and neurons, and a string of thoughts trafficked my conscious mind. The speed of my bike reduced and I became extra vigilant and immediately started looking and anticipating the actions of vehicles till the end of my vision.

Such an expeditious shift of thought and action put me into an amazement and a long train of questions and probabilities followed swiftly. There are many kinds of questions that we normally ask about our routine things, for example : ‘Why do we say “Hello” after picking up the call?’ comes to us when we say it almost 10-15 times and it starts sounding stupid to ourselves after a while! X-) On the similar lines ‘I started asking who invented horns? and why such sound is used? Cant there be words spoken (like: get away from my way)? Isn’t the peep sound very aggressive? How do deaf people manage to drive then? Can lights be used for alerting rather than sounds?

Keeping the intellectual questions apart (*sarcasm*) the realization that stunned me was of being alert. Not having a horn as my saviour made me more attentive on the road and around it. Somehow I managed my speed and wasn’t careless. This provoked me to think, do securities in life make us more careless or push us to a comfort zone? Should we have ‘uncertainties to be focused on’ or should ‘we secure smaller worries’ and ‘worry about larger ones’? Does that make us live-less-in-present and more-in-future? Are we being secured or being careless?

Everyone will have a different set of answers to these questions based on their experience, age and situations. But asking these mundane-looking-introspective-questions is necessary as it brings into highlight the things we so casually take for granted!

So go back and try to answer these questions with calm mind without the context of my intention. And that’s how my intention would be met!

(I did put you in a paradox! B-) )

“Just a thought that horned my conscious mind to think beyond conventional routine!”

So, blow such horn-y questions in your head once in a while! 😉

Signing off,

Rational? Evidently, you are outcast-ed!

The most funny thing of trying to be a rational thinker, in this not-to-talk-about-the-elephant-in-the-room attitude, glued with adamant-hypocrisy ‘beings’ is that, you would be called uncultured outcast as soon as you put a logical fact disagreeing with their obsolete version of truth!

Who should we blame? The educated ignorant? Or unfortunate uneducated ones? Or the ones who cannot be awakened as they are faking their sleep!?

Lets start with us! Go blame yourself first! You ask why? Ask again. And again. And again. And if you are really trying to be rational you will get the answer somewhere round the corner. Have you ever not tried to be ignorant? Ignorant even after knowing all the facts? Haven’t you tried to manipulate a child’s imagination just to hide that you don’t know the answers to his innocent questions? Hasn’t anger chilled your spine when you saw a villain winning? Haven’t you suppressed the thought that the villain is also right somewhere? If you are not a monk saint or mentally ill, answer to most of the above questions will be a hesitant whisper of “yes”.

Admit it, being ignorant and complaisant is always easier than putting up your thoughts nudely infront of the world. The instant you would do it, you would be stared and warned (1st signal) and after that you would be argued irrationally and the topic will go down to the lane of culture, religion and ethics (how this magical leap occurs God knows (which God? Another topic of discussion!)).

Now the introvert community would proudly say, that’s why we never speak up! Why to disagree or agrue and become an outcast when you could just nod and be the part of the pact?!

True that! But if everyone have had the aim of being in sync with the societal ideology, Copernicus, Darwin or Einstein and many such brilliant outcasts would have never dared to change the world!

Our evolution wouldn’t have happened if the mistakes and experiments of nature wouldn’t have been considered. We are still evolving and most important part of our consciousness is our ability to converse. To express our thoughts and abstract ideas.

So speak up. Even when you feel you are challenging some evident norms. Speak up in a way that doesn’t harm anyone physically. Emotions and feelings if are forcefully attached to unhealthy norms like child marriage and if your voice against it would harm the humble beings holding it, then be it. Be brave to embrace your thinking and also courageous to admit your mistakes along with saying sorry when you are!

In this tiny blog of mine, I would try to speak up. About things that matter to me, or some crazy theories my brain has collected, or maybe about a lonely brick who is home for many alga families!

Keep reading and comments are always welcome (read necessary)…!

Signing off,